Research Visit Scholarships

A research visit is generally a limited period that a students spends in another lab to do research with the consent of both student’s supervisor and leader of the lab visited. ALIM will support students who convince the other lab leader with the help or consent of their supervisor. Student can apply to ALIM once both professors agree, research plan is made, dates are decided and accommodation is fixed. ALIM will cover costs up to $1500 per student.

To apply our scholarship first get an acceptance from a lab leader and then send us your

  1. Research plan to be conducted during your visit and its relation to your current (masters or PhD) thesis (max one page long)
  2. Current research activity (max one page long)
  3. CV that includes contact information of your supervisor and the other lab leader
  4. Letter of motivation that should include why you are interested in doing research in the other lab, your career goals and ambitions



  • Currently applications are accepted only from students studying in a university from Palestine,Jordan,Albania,Kosovo,Bosnia and Herzegovina,Macedonia. If graduated recently, the latest degree should be from a university from these countries.
  • ALIM Institution prefers that the accepting lab leader covers the accommodation and insurance during the stay